It has been 12months since we started our Pet Health Plans here at Lime Trees Veterinary Surgeons, and we are so pleased to see that so many of our clients are taking their pet’s preventative health care seriously and have joined the scheme.

Due to the popularity of our Pet Health Plans over the last year, we have decided to make a few changes and include even more discounts off the things that our clients and their furry friends use and need the most – meaning even better care for your pet, and even more savings for you as their human!

We have now extended the 10% discount off food bought from the practice to also include prescription food. This means that all and any food bought from us for your pet has a 10% discount for our Pet Health Plan members to take advantage of.

The second – and potentially most beneficial – new inclusion we have added to our scheme is 10% off dentals. This includes 10% off the charge for the General Anaesthetic, 10% off the charge for the actual dental procedure and an additional 10% off pre-operative blood tests, should you opt for your pet to have them done (excludes any medication given/taken and any other procedures done).

A further change that we have made to our canine Pet Health Plans is the flea treatment included. For dogs, a spot-on flea treatment has always been used and included on the plan. However, after an extremely successful launch of new product ‘Bravecto’, we have decided to include this treatment on our canine Pet Health Plans instead. Bravecto is a tablet which, when ingested by your dog, kills any live fleas and ticks and prevents any further infestations on your dog for 3months!

If your pet is not already a Pet Health Plan member and you would like further information on this scheme, please feel free to call us on either 01782 385285 (Meir Park) or 01538 752117 (Cheadle) to discuss this further, or pop into your local branch and we can provide you with all the information that you require!