Client Education Meetings

Calling all cat owners!

Lime Trees Vets Cat Clinic has always strived to provide the best possible care to its feline patients. Therefore, we are thrilled to invite you to another series of our client education evenings. At our education evenings you will get to learn about these topics and what we can do as vets and owners to improve your cats health and welfare. You will get the opportunity to discuss your own experiences with our cat vets and nurses and share experiences with other like-minded cat owners.


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Did you know that over 90% of cats over the age of 12 years old have osteoarthritis but only 40% of these cats will show signs of pain. Did you know that osteoarthritis can be seen in cats as young as 2 years old? At our education evening you will get the opportunity to learn about what might increase your cat’s risk of osteoarthritis, the subtler signs of osteoarthritis, palliative management you can do at home and what medical and alternative treatment options are available for your feline friend.


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We know that a lot of cats get stressed when coming to the vets. But did you know that cats are very good at hiding signs of stress in the home? Maybe you’ve noticed that you cat is scratching the furniture more or spending more time in the airing cupboard? Maybe they have started eating more, vocalising more often or even licking their nose more than usual? All of these subtle signs and more can be an indication that your cat may be stressed. Come and learn from our Lime Trees Cat Team and outside experts about the subtle signs of stress in cats, how we can make our feline friend’s life more stress free, how you can reduce stress levels when travelling and how Lime Trees Cat Clinic can improve your feline friend’s visit to the vets.

The First Year of Life

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Did you know that a kitten’s first year is the equivalent of a new born baby growing into a 15 year old teenager? This is why a kitten’s first year of life is so important. Come along to our education evening and learn about how to prepare for your kitten’s arrival, integrating with other pets or family members, choosing the right bowls, litter trays and toys, preventative health care, neutering and choosing the right diet.

Common Diseases Seen in Older Cats

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As cats get older they become prone to developing conditions such as chronic kidney disease, hyperthyroidism and high blood pressure. Often the signs of some of these conditions are subtle and can go unnoticed until the disease is much more advanced. 

At our education evening you learn if your cat is at risk, how to recognise the subtle, early signs of these conditions and understand how we can manage them in our feline friends.

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