Case Study - Meet Speckle!

Meet Speckle! Speckle belongs to one of our vets Jodie and has just celebrated her 20th birthday. She has osteoarthritis and chronic kidney disease, both of which are very common in older cats. She has daily medication for both of these conditions as well as regular K-laser treatment.

Recently Jodie noticed that Speckle had been dropping food when eating and seemed sore around her mouth, so booked her in for a dental with Nigel.

Because Speckle is an older lady, she had a blood test run before the anaesthetic to check that her liver, thyroid, and heart were working well, and that she had a normal number of red and white blood cells. Her kidney levels were checked and showed her treatment is working well.

She was on a drip throughout the procedure to help keep her blood pressure normal and give her a safer anaesthetic. As with all of our patients, her anaesthetic was monitored by a Registered Veterinary Nurse using hi-tech monitoring equipment which measures heart rate, breathing rate, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, blood pressure, temperature, and ECG (electrical activity in the heart).

Speckle benefitted from our dental x-ray machine, which allows us to see how healthy the roots of the teeth are. By assessing the teeth visually, using a probe on the gums, and looking at the x-rays, Nigel was able to quickly see which teeth needed extracting and which were healthy.

Within a day or two Speckle was back to eating easily and pain-free.