Oesophageal Lesion

B a 1year 6 month boxer decided that is a good idea to play with his friends using a bamboo stick. I presume you know where this is going.

Soon after the play B developed a cough and refused to eat. He was seen out of hours and he was diagnosed with pyrexia and lethargy to a point where he refused to walk. The test over the weekend raised questions of a foreign body in the stomach.

The dog was referred to the medicine department and an endoscopy revealed a bamboo stick about 20 cm long stuck on the dorsal side of the oesophagus. The stick was removed and a fistula was apparent from the oesophageal wall in to the ventral cervical musculature.

A gastric feeding tube was placed endoscopically at this point to assist with the feeding requirements.

The dog was passed on to the surgical department and a ventral neck approach to the oesophagus was performed. Due to the tear being dorsal in the oesophagus more direction than usual was necessary to find the tract and the lesion. Once identified the margins of the tear were  freshened and the oesophagus was closed in 2 layers. The tract was opened, and flushed and the surgical site was closed in a routine fashion.

B made a good recovery and 48 hours after the procedure he started eating with enthusiasm and return to be his old self.