Tibial diaphyseal fracture in a cat

J a domestic short hair cat of 2 years of age went missing for a couple of days and came back home in a bad shape. He was referred to our surgical department for a fracture on the right hind leg. He obviously had an encounter with a car some days before.

Due to his nature and due to the trauma suffered it was impossible to examine him on presentation. Some bruising was present around his right eye. The owner told us that he is not the most friendliest of cats even when in perfect health.

He was admitted in the hospital and he was sedated and examined. We confirmed some bruising around the right eye but no fractures were identified and the eye worked fine. Also he had a fracture of the right tibia (shin bone) with a lot of bruising and swelling around.

Radiographs were taken off the chest and abdomen and also of the right tibia. A comminuted fracture was diagnosed and the treatment plan was formulated. A biological healing bridging plate was the treatment of choice due to J nature at the best of times. The other option would have been an external fixator but this although cheaper needs more hands on care and in a cat like J this was considered unwise.

Under general anaesthesia the fracture was repaired and the end result looked as good as expected. J spend another night in the hospital on pain relief and then he was discharged next day for cage rest and pain relief at home. He came back for rechecks. Despite the fracture healing progressing well he continued to be less than friendly towards the people who fixed his leg so it was necessary to sedate him again in order to remove the skin staples.

He came again at 6 weeks and at 10 weeks post fracture repair for radiographs to confirm healing of the bone. At 10 weeks he was discharged from our care with regards to the fracture repair and we hope he will look both ways before crossing the road!

Images before surgery


Images post surgery


Images 10 weeks post surgery