Kizzy the dog had been chronically discharging puss and debris until staff at Lime Trees Veterinary Surgeons intervened.

After taking her to teatre, vets discovered a one inch stick lying alongside her jugular vein.

Once the foreign object was removed, Kizzy began making a full recovery.

Veterinary Surgeon, Nick Williams, explained: “What happens with stick injuries is that someone throws a stick for a dog and the dog’s mouth gets impaled on the end of the stick as the dog picks it up.

“The stick normally gets broken off or pulled out by the dog or owner, but the damage is already done.

“Any remaining stick, bits of bark or dirt then set up a nasty infection which spreads down the neck, putting at risk all the vital structures in that region, including the jugular vein, carotid artery, airways and oesophagus. In very severe cases it can spread to the chest as well.

“These cases can be fatal and this is the prime reason we advise owners not to throw sticks for dogs.”

The dog warden service covered the cost of the cost of the emergency treatment for this dog.