How can a Pet Health Plan benefit my pet?


There are two types of veterinary care that we at Lime Trees - like any other practice, for that matter - offer. The first is what everyone thinks of - treating sick, injured or ill animals. And this is really important, and really satisfying to us, as well as being incredibly important for you! We [...]

How can a Pet Health Plan benefit my pet?2019-10-17T10:27:14+00:00

Introduction To Heart Disease In Dogs & Cats


As we’ve just had Valentine’s Day, we thought we would give you a little introduction to heart disease in dogs and cats, and specifically to the more difficult to diagnose rhythm conditions. These occur when the electrical signals in the heart get confused and can be a result of more common heart conditions, other diseases, [...]

Introduction To Heart Disease In Dogs & Cats2019-03-06T09:47:48+00:00

Preparing your pet for fireworks


Every year fireworks are set off, giving many animals anxiety and often – sadly – causing them to run away. Most animals have a very good sense of hearing meaning these fireworks seem louder to them than they do to us. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to help your pet cope. [...]

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Prevention’s better than Cure…


It’s an old adage, but it’s one that we really believe in! Preventative healthcare is the key to maintaining good health in our pets as much as ourselves. In this blog, we’re going to look at preventative healthcare for dogs and cats, and explore how you can do the best for your four-legged friend on [...]

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Weight loss – does your pet need to lose a few pounds?


It’s the time of year where a lot of us are probably eyeing the bathroom scales and deciding on diets for the year ahead… But it might not just be the human members of the family who need to lose a few pounds! Did you know that 49% of dogs and 44% of cats in [...]

Weight loss – does your pet need to lose a few pounds?2018-03-13T10:14:33+00:00

How do I keep my pet’s smile?


Dental disease is one of the most common health problem in pets, reportedly affecting over 80% of adult dogs and, according to some studies, 70% of adult cats. Yet it is also one of the most underdiagnosed, with many owners not knowing why it’s a problem, or what to do about it! In this blog, [...]

How do I keep my pet’s smile?2020-10-19T09:25:03+00:00

Sweet Poison: Antifreeze Alert for Cat Owners


As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, we’re all being bombarded with (very good!) advice from the motoring organisations, reminding us to top up the antifreeze in our cars. This is important, and we’re not advising against it - but you must be really, really careful with the stuff, because antifreeze is [...]

Sweet Poison: Antifreeze Alert for Cat Owners2017-10-25T11:06:22+00:00
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