Lateral Condylar Fracture in 5 Month Old Puppy

 B. Went out for a run and decided to chase a pheasant over the field. Suddenly he yelped and came back towards the owner without being able to bear weight on his front left leg. The owner decided, rightly so, to seek veterinary advice. On presentation B. was unwilling to stand and he needed intravenous pain killers and intravenous fluids to stabilise him. After he felt better we performed a sedation and we examined the leg. The elbow region on the left leg felt unstable and when flexed and extended made a crunching sound.

2 radiographs of the left elbow were taken and they revealed a lateral humeral condylar fracture. 

Since B was considered to be stable enough we decided to repair the fracture at that point. The  owner was happy with the plan and we went to work. Due to B’s young age we decided to fix the fracture using an intra-condylar screw and an anti-rotational pin.

The repair was straight forward since the fracture was very recent.

B did well post surgery and had only one set back at 1 week after when he decided against our advice to chase a ball. At 4 weeks we have seen B back for a sedation and post operative X-rays.

B was walking well on the leg.

On the radiographs healing was evident and we discharged B warning the owner that if there are any problems we might have to remove the screw and pin.