Three animals had managed to get almost identical blades of grass stuck in the nasopharynx (the air cavity lying at the back of the nose and above the roof of the mouth) within 2 weeks.

We assume that they had been eating the grass – quite a normal behaviour for both dogs and cats in small quantities; large quantities tend to make then sick – when they coughed during swallowing and the grass became stuck in the wrong place. Freddie’s owner even saw him doing it! All three were quite distressed; coughing and sneezing to try and shift the foreign object.

All three required a general anaesthetic and the grass was removed via an endoscope and forceps. All three pets made uneventful recoveries. We would just like to make owner’s aware of what to watch out for and to contact their vet should they see these symptoms and their pet has a history of eating grass. We think the grass must be particularly tasty at the moment!