Remember, remember your pets this November! Whilst firework displays are great fun for us humans, our four-legged friends can find loud noises and bright flashes stressful and confusing. Here are our top tips for making this firework season run as smoothly as possible:

  • Feed and exercise your pets early in the evening before the noise starts
  • Ensure all external doors and windows are secure.
  • Create a ‘safe space’ den for your pets. Try a blanket over a table, or cushions in an alcove or open cupboard.
  • Use white noise or a radio for background noise. This will make the sudden noises seem quieter.
  • Try using tasty treats as a distraction, and as a reward for remaining calm.
  • Don’t leave your pet alone on Bonfire Night if they are upset by the noise – they appreciate your company!
  • Consider using calming supplements or plug-ins over the firework season – speak to the team at Lime Trees for more information on a range of non-prescription products. Severely anxious pets may require medication to help keep them calm.


What’s important to remember is that you don’t have to face firework season alone! We are here to help you and your four-legged family. If you need help, our vets will examine your pet, explore your concerns, and discuss the best options for your pet. Call 01782 385285 (Meir Park) or 01583 752117 (Cheadle)  to book an appointment.