We are making February HEART HEALTH month, and we will be bringing you all things related to your pet’s ticker.

To kick off Heart Health month, here are a few symptoms to look out for that may be a telltale sign of heart problems:

  • Exercise intolerance.

    Keep an eye out for: reluctance to go on walks or to play, not being able to walk as far, generally slowing down.

  • Respiratory difficulty.

    Keep an eye out for: coughing (however, very few cats cough, even in advanced stages of heart disease), increased resting respiratory rate or effort.

  • Loss of appetite.

    Keep an eye out for: loss of interest in food, food left in bowls after meal times or not having to fill the bowl as often for pets that tend to graze.

  • Behavioural changes.

    Keep an eye out for: increased reclusiveness in cats, increased lethargy in cats and dogs.

Please note: this list is by no means exhaustive and if you are concerned about your pet’s health at all then please book in for a consultation with a vet.